Good packing is essential for a successful move. Our packers are carefully selected, trained in the latest packing techniques and thoroughly tested before they ever handle your belongings. They use special cartons and materials to protect your possessions. We also use specialized prodessional techniques and equipment to ensure safe transport and delivery of your items.

From fine china to antiques, we have the experience and knowledge to provide the highest level of packing service available. We understand that your items are precious and irreplaceable, so we always take extra care to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your belongings. We use the best packing materials available to provide your items with the protection they need for a safe and successful relocation.


The following is a list of modern packing materials we use:

  1. Bubble Wrap: A lightweight, pliable material made of plastic with air-filled pockets, used for wrapping fragile items to prevent damage during transportation.
  1. Foam Packing Peanuts: Small styrofoam pieces used to fill irregular gaps between items and to protect them from shock and vibration during transportation.
  1. Packing Paper: Unprinted paper used to wrap items for extra protection and to keep them from shifting in the box.
  1. Corrugated Cardboard: A strong, lightweight material used to make strong, lightweight packing boxes and to protect items from shock and vibration during transportation.
  1. Packing Tape: A strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape used to secure cartons and other packing materials.
  1. Furniture Pads: Pads made of quilted material used to cover furniture and protect it from scratches and other damage during transportation.