| Anthony,Tribeca, NY

Local move

Our experience with Sharp Van Lines was fantastic

Our experience with Sharp Van Lines was fantastic. We sent an email to their site and salesrep Andy responded within a day. The foreman Michael coordinated a visit around our schedule and conducted a walk-through resulting in a price quote that very day (including various service options such as having them pack or providing packing materials).

At day of the move four professional movers arrived to pack. They packed everything very carefully, nothing was even slightly scratched. They re-used the moving boxes and wrapping material that we saved from our move two years ago, which allowed us to save a bit of money on packing materials. The wrapping they used for our paintings was something we had not seen before: a kraft paper over a polymer with a special protective layer that touched the canvas--great stuff that we gave to an artist friend to store his own paintings.

When they unloaded the boxes at our new house, they took care to a make sure they put everything where we wanted it--a particular room, the deck, the garage, the back yard, etc.

They even hauled away the washer and dryer left by the previous owners and gave them to someone who could use them. They hooked up our own washer and dryer for us (with the understanding from us that they are not plumbers and could not be responsible for leaks...they worked fine and their correct hookup was verified by a HVAC & plumbing professional who visited the house soon after for an unrelated matter).

Once we were unpacked weeks later, we coordinated a time when Andy was heading back to our neighborhood to quote on a new job and he collected all of our flattened moving boxes.

We highly recommend this local company; we hope to never have to move again, but we could call Sharp Van Lines if needed

| Peter,NJ to Voorhees, NJ

Move from Freehold

3rd time my family has used Sharp Van Lines

3rd time my family has used Sharp Van Lines, but first time for me instead of the daughter. They have always been very efficient, up beat and have always hit the estimate based on phone conversations. In fact, this move and one previous were below estimate. Never had any damage to premises or furniture or boxed goods. One move involved moving a 3rd floor 2 bedroom apartment in August. Even that team was upbeat with a great attitude.

This move was to a storage unit (10x15) and I had almost everything in the garage ready to go. They 3 man crew showed up 15 minutes early, I explained that there were a couple items I wanted to have placed at the back of the storage and they understood and got to work. They ran shrink wrap around the dressers and entertainment center to keep doors and drawers secure (this will help when I move out of storage). Loaded up in about 1 hour, protecting everything with moving pads, strapping everything down securely. In addition they moved a heavy sectional into the garage and loaded a heavy stationary bike into my truck bed.

I had expected once they unloaded I would spend some time rearranging the storage to maximize open space for access and additional items later. Didn't happen! These guys were efficient at packing and stacking things in. Stuff on top of the refrigerator, stuff under tables, table tops behind cabinets, they could be professional Tetris players. They joked that I should have got a smaller space. In addition they protected surfaces along the walls and in between furniture and appliances with the large packing papers.

I figured the move would take about 5 hours but even with the time spent arranging the storage I was only charged for the 4 hours minimum. I was also able to schedule during their off peak days so saved a little money. I had originally planned on moving everything myself in my pickup but not wanting to wrestle with the large refrigerator or the huge barbecue I made the decision to spend a little money and it was worth every bit for the convenience and saved myself at least a full day of shuttling back and forth, loading and unloading. I've recommended this company a number of times to friends and co-workers and will continue to do this in the future.

| Valeria,New York NY

Move from Queens

These guys from Sharp Van Lines are great!

These guys from Sharp Van Lines are great! I called Wednesday afternoon, as I was waiting to hear on closing on my home purchase Friday, for a Saturday moving date. They are very honest and friendly -- the first time I called, I explained my situation, and they gave me an idea of their pricing and also time slots available Saturday. Like most movers, they have a cancellation policy which requires a hold and if you back out prior to 48 hours from the reserved date, all is fair, otherwise they charge you a $100 cancellation. Since my move date was sort of in flux as it depended on my closing, they were very honest about their policy and actually suggested that I wait to book them so that I didn't incur their cancellation fee. They assured me that they were confident they'd still have the time slot open -- HONESTY! Bad movers would have tried to pressure me into locking me into the time slot, putting me at risk of unnecessary fees.

I called back the next day and ended up placing a reservation for Saturday 7am. These guys are prompt! They showed up exactly at 7am and after a quick tour, within 5 minutes they were loading up our stuff into their truck. The two man crew, Alex ,Arthur and John, were quick! Very impressed by the speed they moved our stuff from our 3 bedroom apartment to 4 bedroom house. They were able to completely move us, from pick up to drop off within 7 hours.

I would highly recommend; quick, honest, professional, and no surprise fees or charges. Everything they quoted me was exactly how it turned out. Nothing broken and they put things exactly where we asked them to. Thanks guys!

| Danny,Stanford, CT to Norwich, CT

Move from Old Bridge

I recommend Sharp Van Lines whole-heartedly

I hate moving. When a move is unavoidable, I find myself making strong vows that THIS time, darn it, I will be organized. I will be efficient. I will reserve a truck and/or moving team weeks in advance. I will wrap, plan, discard, donate and come out the other side a Martha Stewart of a man, with my possessions sparkling and orderly in my new, spotless home.

The reality is me, five days before my move-out deadline, no trucks reserved, little packed, no plan to finish this job, and unsuccessful in guilt-tripping any friends into giving up an autumn morning to help my cranky self lug a granite-trimmed sleeper sofa up a wobbling metal ramp and into a moving van.

I had reached the knee-deep and no help stage of the process when I finally panicked enough to research moving companies (six days before the end of my lease). Fortunately, I sent a bid request to Sharp Van Lines. After a quick response that yes, they could fit me in, I glanced over the glowing reviews and booked them at once. . . before returning to the helpless sorting of papers and socks.

The team arrived well within the time window. They were punctual, hard-working, friendly and meticulous.

They quickly figured out the dimensionally-challenging puzzles involved in carrying large furniture through the narrow doorways and tight passages of my antique building, then drove 15 miles through heavy traffic, only to unload it all in my new home, which offered the pleasure of two stairways, each with a sharp middle turn.

I would have died or gone insane. They just did the job quickly and without damage or complaint.

I happily paid their reasonable charges. Thanks, gentlemen, for giving me a vision of a better world, in which moving can be... okay, it's never gonna be fun, but it can, apparently, be competent and quick.

I recommend Sharp Van Lines whole-heartedly and will absolutely call on them again for my next move.

| Michael,Avenel, Nj

Linden, NJ to Avenel, Nj

These guys from Sharp Van Lines were awesome

These guys from Sharp Van Lines were awesome from start to finish. I requested a quote online for a move between Linden and Avenel and was emailed back promptly with a flat rate quote including truck, mileage, 3 movers, all the essentials. I scheduled them for 8-9am with only 1 day notice, and they were happy to oblige.

I received an email confirmation with my exact details and the flat rate price which I agreed to.

The morning they were set to arrive, I received a phone call from Frank letting me know the guys would arrive at 8:30am. They showed up right on time, and set up the truck immediately. I showed them the stuff and they immediately got to work. No time wasting, no confusion. These guys were all business and did a quick, professional job. 3 guys actually showed up, no additional charge. All the guys were speaking Russian and the leader of the team spoke perfect English and relayed my requests. They covered my TV and furniture properly, and also hauled off a 2 piece junk sectional I didn't want to keep.

The guys met me at my new place across town and promptly brought everything in and set it up exactly as I wanted it. They asked me if I wanted anything else moved or needed any more assistance. Paid them at the quoted fixed rate and went on about my day!

Couldn't be any more impressed or satisfied. This is how business is done!! Will definitely use again when the situation arises!!

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