Things to Consider When Moving in the NYC area

How much does a move from NYC to NJ cost? How much does a NY upstate move cost? How do you compare quotes from movers? A lot of questions come up when it comes to moving to another place.

A moving company takes care of all the logistics and organization of your move, with support followed at each stage and in complete safety. Quotes from movers have the advantage of including all costs. Do a research to find the best value for money for your move to or from NYC.

Moving in NYC or NY Tri-state area alone is complex and expensive. The specificity of housing (floor, no elevator, narrowness, stairwell, etc.), traffic and the various obligations to be considered, make transport and handling complicated. A moving agency is ideal for moving more easily and offering you an affordable moving solution.

Renting a freight elevator in Tri-state is not cheap, the freight elevator must comply with the safety rules under penalty of being qualified as an offence.  Also you must have a state issued moving permit. Ask for help from a team of specialized movers for more information.

NYC remains a preferred destination with the most moves throughout the year.


The main constraints and specificities of a NYC move

Many factors increase the cost of moving to NYC. Carrying out your own move remains a highly considered option. Nevertheless, despite short distances, it is often complicated to move alone in NYC. If you are planning a move to NYC, consider the following aspects in the logistics and organization of your move.

  1. Moving date

The moving period has an influence on the price of your move. For a move to NYC, the main inconvenience will be traffic, which will determinea large moving truck is almost completely loaded with home furniture for moving the loading time and the hourly rate of the mover. Avoid moving during rush hours when traffic is heaviest and check regular traffic on the route to be taken. Ask your boss for special leave to move during the week if needed and make significant savings during off-peak periods.

  1. Accessibility of your move

It is important to take into account the accessibility of your accommodation(s). For example, what are the traffic and parking rules on your street and/or the condominium.

  1. Parking permit

Parking in NYC is difficult and expensive. Even for a move to NYC, you are not allowed to park without a valid paid permit. You must request a parking permit from the authorities before moving.

  1. Traffic conditions

Find out in advance to know the events planned in NYC, the times of passage of the services and temporary traffic bans to avoid the fine!

  1. Moving fragile items

Moving fragile or bulky objects such as a piano or a cupboard requires special logistics for the packaging, handling and transport of your goods. Contact a moving agency to know exactly the needs adapted to the type of object you want to move.

  1. Furniture storage service

You can also choose to temporarily store some of your belongings. There are many storage rentals in the NYC region. You can also opt for a secure storage service from a moving company and include it in your moving package. Take the time to read the movers’ privacy policy on this subject.


Moving to the city or moving to the suburbs?

While many young workers under 30-40 come to settle in NYC, seduced by the way of life, the cultural offer and the professional opportunities, those over 40 favor a return to the suburbs. Indeed, the cost of living, the price of rents and the number of available dwellings, the difficulty of home ownership, but also the quality of life such as travel time, are among the many reasons that encourage households to relocate.


Additional services for moving to NYC

Road traffic in a big city is undoubtedly one of the major inconveniences for a move. This has an influence on the price of your move and what are the logistical constraints to be expected for a move alone or with a team of professional movers. It is more advantageous to negotiate a fixed price with the moving company rather than billing by the hour, in the event of unforeseen events or delays resulting in additional costs.


Where to buy moving boxes?

A moving worker transports loaded moving boxes on a large cartMoving boxes are essential for a good move. It is therefore better to buy quality boxes that will not let go on the stairs or that can be carried easily. Home improvement and furniture stores in NY Tri-State area offer moving boxes for sale. Otherwise you can get moving kits and boxes from the movers if they are not already provided free of charge!

How to find professional help for a move?

Just contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange your safe and comfortable move.