Choose the Right Company for your Move in New York Tri-State area

It is not always possible to move without using the services of a specialized company. Indeed, some moves will require labor or specific equipment. To make things easier, it is then recommended to contact a professional mover. We looked at the major companies in the sector. So, who to go through to make your move a success?


Make a list of moving companies that you will ask for quotes

It is impossible to make an exhaustive list of NY movers. However, there are some recognized companies that operate in NY Metropolitan area.

Want an advice? Always remember to compare the rates of several companies, asking for different quotes. This is the best way to save money on your move. But it is important to understand that going through a list of movers is not necessarily a synonym of quality.

Here are several prominent and trusted movers in NY, New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding area:

First, Sharp Van Lines is a large company that operates throughout  the NY Metropolitan area and beyond and has enough representatives locally.


Sharp Van Lines can make it easy for you to find a mover for all types of moves and storage service as well:Moving workers are loading a moving truck with wrapped furniture

  • ¬†Individual relocation
  • ¬†Business relocation
  • ¬†Interstate or long distance relocation


This company therefore offers an easy opportunity to find a mover near you. Note that this company also offers furniture storage services, if you need to store large furniture between two moves.

Sharp Van Lines offers a full range of moving and storage services, and can therefore offer you a tailor-made moving quote.



Small local businesses

There are independent small moving companies everywhere and it is impossible to make an exhaustive list of such. But be aware that there are a lot of brokers and middlemen who pretend to be moving service providers but in fact they are not. They can fail easily such important event in your life as relocation.

Depending on your region and the company that works there, you may come across more or less satisfactory moving services.

The main thing is therefore to always choose a moving company with distinction. For this, we advise you to go through the following steps:


  1. Find a mover


To begin, you will need to determine which companies offer their services in your area.

You can do this in different ways:

– Yellow pages

– Business directories

– Search engines

– Word of mouth


Before contacting unknown companies, consider asking your relatives if they have ever hired the services of a mover.

Having the recommendation of someone you trust will ensure that the service provider you are contacting offers quality services.


  1. Ask for moving quotes


To start, always take the time to contact different companies. Each mover will provide you with a full quote upon request.


It is essential to have quotes to know the rates charged:

  • ¬†In your region in general.
  • ¬†For your particular move.


If you only go to one specialist, you won’t be able to compare, or even be sure to pay the right price.

In addition, the quote request is the opportunity on to have a first interaction with your mover, and therefore to test his professionalism.


  1. Compare prices and services

To choose a moving specialist, you must carefully study his quote, and compare it to those of competing companies.

Focus on these important points:

  • The price of the move
  • Associated services (packing, moving, assembly and dismantling of furniture, etc.)
  • Warranties and insurance
  • Deadlines

Systematically compare comparable services. It is obvious that a mover who only provides transport will charge less than a mover who also takes care of packing and reassembling the furniture.


  1. Check the reputation of the mover

Once you’ve spotted the best quote, don’t sign right away! It is important to check the reputation of a moving company before employing them.

Indeed, you can be sure that a bad mover will have bad press on the internet. Thanks to consumer sites, it is quite easy to find the opinions of former customers.

Keep in mind that belonging to a group or franchise of movers is neither a quality criterion nor a defect. Conduct your investigation on the service provider who will ensure the move, and not only on the group to which it belongs.

Last tip: do not hesitate to be present on the day of the move. Supervising  the work yourself and checking the work of the movers will ensure that everything is done according to your plan.


Why go through a moving company?

It is obvious that using a professional mover will cost you a little more than moving alone. Therefore, one can wonder the usefulness of such a service provider.

In reality, using a professional moving company will have multiple advantages for any individual or business.

We have listed for you the main arguments in favor of moving by a professional:


1) An easy move

To begin with, it is obvious that a company will facilitate your move. Between packing, moving boxes or transporting to the new house, a move can be long and exhausting.

The mover will just take things in hand and relieve you of a good part of your obligations. Result: your move is faster and less stressful.


2) Professional equipment

Companies specializing in moving are best able to use professional equipment. These include in particular:

  • Packaging material: to ensure solid boxes and protect the most fragile objects.
  • The freight elevator: essential for moving furniture from one floor.
  • Trucks and vans: which make it possible to reduce round trips or facilitate a long-distance move.


3) Insurance in case of breakage

Last major advantage: a mover is responsible for the boxes he packs. In the event of an accident or breakage, you will be reimbursed and can replace the destroyed objects. This will not happen in most cases, because a specialist knows perfectly well how to pack your things safely.

If you want to find professional movers who offer their services near you, do not hesitate to request a free quote on our site.