Two moving workers in uniform are loading large packages into a truck

How to get prepared for the big house move

Are you looking for moving and packing services in New York and New Jersey and who will tidy up the house well? Are you moving and looking for someone to pack the house for you? Someone to help you sort out the mess? Or will they even do it for you because you are not available for it in your intense life load?

You have come to the right place! Keep reading and get some basic data that will help you to understand who is who in this service that exists in the market today and definitely saves you from a lot of headache.


What needs to be packed? How to pack for a move?

A lot of professional packing boxes are loaded to a big truck and a worker in uniform at workYou will need these things during your preparation for the move:

       1. Time slot

Some packing tips for moving house: first and foremost you need a time slot to set aside in order to pack, or at the very least, guide those who help you in this matter.

        2. Good sturdy packing boxes

Second, and no less important, is to prepare boxes for moving in advance, that is, some cardboard boxes, well constructed and that do not fall apart, are not torn and can be closed after the packing is done, with the help of various adhesives such as duct tape.

It is recommended that you prepare the boxes in different sizes, so that you can organize yourself comfortably while you are packing the house. A third and very important thing is to provide packing materials for moving, such as extremely strong paper glue and sticky tape, and it is desirable that you prepare some in advance, depending on the amount of contents you have at home and the amount of boxes you plan to pack.

     3. A marker or two to mark what inside your boxes

A big marker to write down their contents on the cartons and a cup of coffee on the side, to keep you sane.


Proper packaging is crucial for safe transport

It is very important, even when packing and moving an apartment afterwards, to maintain organization and order in everything related to yourA moving worker is transporting on a dolly a large piece of furniture wrapped in black packing film moving. The cardboard boxes you pack should preferably be arranged according to the different departments of the house, to allow for ease in loading them, and unloading them at the new destination in exactly the right place.

Beyond that, pack your stuff properly, without overlapping. And if someone helps you, ask them to be with you on this wave. When you pack the small items carefully, whether in paper or any packing material, properly arranged in the box, wrapped in cloth if necessary, without unnecessary space that is prone to accidents, they will arrive safely at their next destination, much more easily.

And the same goes for sofas whose legs are wrapped in nylons as it should be, furniture may also get scratched during the transfer. If there is particularly fragile items, for example all the kitchen equipment, put an emphasis on it and also some nice inscriptions on the box and write the word «fragile». This way the person carrying the box knew to pay extra attention to it and took the care it deserved during loading and unloading.


An affordable and recommended moving and packing company in NY Tri-State area for apartment and house moving

Packing apartments and houses isn’t too complicated, if you follow a few of these basic principles, you might get the project ticking over, and arrive on moving day really prepared.

A few days before the scheduled transport, prepare the cartons that you sorted in advance about a week before. Do not hesitate to put the clothes and towels and all the soft equipment in the carton as well, to save a mess in the truck during transport. Bags tend to tear while cardboard boxes are more stable.

Moving really takes time and investment, but if you do it, you can save the moving day itself from looking like a disaster. Things will flow easily, and you will be left with a smile on your face, especially when you are moving to a new future in a new home, and it is worth moving to happily.

The things you use until the last minute, sort and leave for the end, and on the last morning, throw the pillows and blanket into the box, the sheets and laundry, the shampoo and the last two glasses and the bowl of cornflakes. After that, everything is going to look great.


Transport and packing companies with insurance and liability – recommendations

If you are looking for recommendations on a moving company including packing for a house move or office packing and moving, look for it using keywords in the search engines (e.g. moving company near me, NY moving company, NJ moving company, etc.) or in the business directory for moving companies.

Not all moving companies are available for this and provide moving packages, but the professional movers know all the secrets, and at least when it comes to heavy and large equipment, furniture and electrical appliances, trust them that they know exactly what to do. Don’t be ashamed to ask the right questions in the first phone call about packing for moving or moving an apartment, including packing and unpacking along with the price quote, and at most, they will be able to recommend you relevant help on the subject.


Prices for packing houses for moving

If you need real help, from people who will help you pack, look for this as a value – help with packing for moving an apartment or house or transport and packing services and filter out of the results what is right for you. The prices of this service are usually taken hourly, and it depends on the size of your house, contents, etc. It is true to say that the average price of such an hour is $100.

Those who are not endowed with qualities such as order and organization in a distinct way, and face the transition of the house helplessly and develop mild anxiety attacks and at the very least stress, can use the service of moving and packing apartments, and feel good about themselves.

The transition will be smooth and easy, since moving and packing houses is not an elephant that cannot be contained altogether, it is just a stressful situation that can be easily neutralized, by the service of moving and packing an apartment for example. The peace of mind is worth it, that’s for sure! Frankly, if you choose for your next move the Sharp Van Lines moving and packing company – look no further, you won’t regret, that’s for sure.

What to beware and avoid while preparing to move

Avoid brokers – these are intermediaries who only have a telephone for talking, but not real trucks and workers, and they cannot guarantee you anything, but they will only take extra money at best, and at worst they will screw up the whole move for you.

Recommended moving and packing services can be found in abundance on the Internet, in all regions of the country, but to find a reliable company with insurance and liability, it is advisable to search well.  Ask for quotes a few companies and then decide.