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Interview with the Pros of Sharp Van Lines Moving company: A Worry-Free Relocation Solution

Having to move can be an incredibly daunting task. It’s often difficult to know where to start, who to trust and how to make sure that your belongings arrive safely and on time. Thankfully, Sharp Van Lines Moving and Storage, one of the leading New York moving companies, has made it easier than ever before to relocate with ease and convenience.
We spoke with the pros at Sharp Van Lines to find out what makes their company the go-to choice for stress-free relocation solutions.

moving workers have removed from the house on trolleys the pieces of furniture packed for transportationQ: Tell us a bit about the history of Sharp Van Lines?
A: Sharp Van Lines has been a trusted family owned and operated business since early 1990s. We pride ourselves in providing safe, reliable and cost effective moving services in the greater metropolitan area and beyond. We are also one of the few New Jersey and New York moving companies that provide long distance transportation across all 50 states. We have built up a solid reputation over the years as a trusted resource for reliable movers near me – from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

Q: What distinguishes your services from other moving companies in New York?
A: At Tri-State, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that moving is a major life event and so we are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience from start to finish. Our team of highly trained professionals have many years of experience and expertise in packing, loading and unloading your belongings. We also use top of the line equipment and materials to ensure everything is properly packed, handled and transported safely to your new destination.

Q: What makes Tri-State such an ideal choice for long distance moves?
A: When it comes to long distance moves, it’s critically important that you choose a reputable company that you can trust with your belongings. At Sharp Van Lines, we specialize in interstate moves, so our team is very familiar with all of the regulations associated with crossing state lines while ensuring your items arrive safely and undamaged at their destination. Our professional drivers are equipped with high capacity trucks capable of carrying thousands of pounds of cargo across any distance!

Q: How do you handle customer inquiries about pricing?
A: The cost associated with a move can be one of the biggest factors when it comes to deciding which moving company will be right for you. At Sharp Van Lines, we strive to provide customers with an accurate quotation up front so they know exactly what they’re getting into before committing to using our services. We offer a variety of pricing options tailored specifically to meet each customer’s individual needs, including hourly rates or fixed rates depending on the size and complexity of the move.

Q: What would you say is the most important part of your mission as a moving company?
A: As a long term family owned business, we are passionate about ensuring that each customer has an enjoyable experience when working with us for their relocation needs. We strive for nothing short of 100% satisfaction from start to finish and are committed to making sure that each customer feels comfortable, informed and supported throughout every stage of their move – from initial planning through delivery at their new home or office location.

We hope this interview has provided some valuable insight into what makes Sharp Van Lines Moving in Tri-State and beyond such an ideal choice for any relocation – local or long distance – in New York or beyond. With 30+ years of experience in providing worry-free relocation solutions, you can trust that your belongings will arrive safe and sound at their destination! If you’re looking for quality moving services in New Jersey, Brooklyn or anywhere else across America, contact Sharp Van Lines, a Tri-State Moving company today!